Diving Sites in Bunaken

Diving in and around Diving Sites in Bunaken is mostly wall diving and drift diving, but additionally includes several beautiful coral slopes. The variety of the fish and soft coral is outstanding, making this region one of the top areas in the world with respect to biodiversity. Bunaken Timur – This area of Bunaken is constantly protected from the big thunderstorms of the bad season, and it permits an unusual development of many species of soft and hard corals. This is the stage with the highest coral biodiversity all around the area. Spectacular also for snorkeling, if you’re blessed can place turtles and eagle rays swimming in the blue.

Mike’s Point – Located on the north west of Bunaken Island, this website was named after well known under water photographer, Mike Severns. A wall covered with a wonderful variety of different, vibrant coral is a house for a big assortment of tropics reef fish, that makes it ideal for bass portrait photography. Big fish are common guests at this website too, as it frequently has a strong current that’s influenced by the tides. The reef floor is coated in different kinds Of Sponges which make it an excellent area for deeper diving. Muka Kampung – It’s located just in front of the village of Bunaken.

Strong current are prevailing in the field caused mainly by the location of the website. However, it’s an intriguing drift dive to pay a good deal of area. Numbers of big Sea Turtles are common residents here. The website itself is well decorated with soft and hard corals along the wall with a few overhangs and crevices in which the little creatures will attract your attention. School of Jacks and Barracudas may easily to be seen as well as parrotfish humphead, napoleon wrasse and large Dogtooth tunas patrolling across the globe. The top of the reef is the ideal spot for the safety stop, with thickness around 4-5 meters.

Aluang Banua – This website has excellent macro objects to offer. The one thing for sure is that you need to pay attention on the creatures that are hidden. Leaf fish, ghost fish to name a number of creatures, that have been seen here. The wall also offers beautiful temples, which frequently became a sleeping location for the white tip reef shark. Fukui Point – Located on the south west side of Bunaken. Named following a Japanese dive instructor who described the website from the 80’s, Sandy slopes resulting in patches of soft and hard corals. This is among dive spots around Bunaken Island without a deep wall reef. Raymond’s Point – South from Mike’s Point places a beautiful wall covered in sponges, with soft and hard corals. The rich environment of the wall has its own charm. This website also has a massive cave and thanks to the strong currents frequently present, is the Bunaken website richest in Wire corals.